TOMI WORLD NOW: 2017 was the year of TOMI!



2017 was the year of TOMI!


2017 was a great year for TOMI, continuing its expansion worldwide with so many happy moments.
Happy New Year!

Check out TOMI’s best moments from 2017.

  # TOMI reinforces its worldwide recognition 

 # Worldwide award in Interface and Interaction Design 
In April, the A’ Design Award and Competition announced that the TOMI design had been granted the famous Golden A’ Design Award in Interface and Interaction Design Category.
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 # TOMI is one of the fastest-growing companies! 
TOMI WORLD is proud to be recognised as one of the fastest-growing companies in the technology sector! The Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ EMEA ranks companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
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  # TOMI’s expansion in Rio de Janeiro is a success!  

 # Rio de Janeiro’s best friend: new locations in 2017! 
In 2017, TOMI strengthened its role as Rio de Janeiro’s best friend. Being in Copacabana and Leme for the last one and a half year, TOMI expanded to new locations and neighbourhoods. 
In 2017, TOMI got new locations in Rio de Janeiro in the buzzing neighbourhoods of Centro, Leblon, São Conrado, Barra da Tijuca and Recreio dos Bandeirantes!
TOMI was also a hit in Rock in Rio, bringing 10 TOMIs to the festival.  

  # From north to south: TOMI’s expansion in Portugal  

  # South of Portugal 
With its gorgeous beaches and the sunny weather, the Algarve is one of Portugal’s most popular holiday destination. The Algarve became smarter in 2017, with new TOMIs in different locations including Tavira, Lagos, Lagoa, Faro, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura.

  # Center of Portugal 

In the center region of Portugal, TOMI climbed up to Manteigas municipality, located in the Serra da Estrela Mountains, the highest elevation in mainland Portugal.

  #North of Portugal 

TOMI travelled north and arrived at two new locations: Chaves and Valença! The north region has now two new friends to help the residents and tourists.

  # Updating every day 

2017 brought several innovations and new features for TOMI.

#Power AD
In 2017, TOMI TV Spot area became an interactive screen. By touching the video area on the screen, TOMI will redirect its users to content related to that same video.

#Smart Keyboard
TOMI’s Keyboard is Faster, Simpler, Smarter:  it has autocomplete and has predefined messages, with suggested words when you type and shortcuts to the most visited categories.

GIF shared by @lobatoge in Lisboa

GIF shared by @mr.santiago.jr, in Rio de Janeiro

In 2017 we introduced the TOMI GIF: you can choose between the popular selfie, or create a GIF. Let your imagination run free and just have fun!  

#Animated Frames
After the GIFs came the animated frames! In 2017, TOMI offered the possibility to have animated frames to create even more engaging GIFs!

#report2017 #highlights #tomiworld

+29 Million Total Interactions in 2017

6.157 News
produced in several languages

10.968 Events
produced in several languages

  # TOMI stands out in events worldwide! 


 #TOMI – Rock in Rio’s Best Friend
Rock in Rio 2017 counted with 10 TOMI, bringing more interactivity, information and entertainment to the public in the seven days of the festival, registering more than 178 thousand interactions, 782 thousand views and more than 28 thousand shared selfies.
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 # MWC 2017 
Barcelona, Feb 27th- Mar 2nd 
TOMI was present at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) promoting solutions to bring cities closer to people in which technology is at the service of citizens.
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 #M-Sphere Conference 
 Viseu, 19th-22nd Sept  
TOMI WORLD was invited to join the Committee of Honor Members for the 6th M-Sphere Conference 2017, an international event.
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 # BTL 2017 
 Lisbon, 15th-19th Mar 
TOMI took part in Lisbon Travel Market (BTL) for the 5th year in a row. TOMI helped to promote municipalities that represent 50% of the Portuguese territory.
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 # Tech Days 2017 
 Aveiro, 12th-14th Oct  
TOMI was present once again at the Tech Days’ event, showing how TOMI increases interactivity and accessibility in the daily lives of the citizens.
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 # Smart Events  
 Portugal, Jan – Jun 
TOMI actively participated in smart cities and Marketing events:
• Zoom Smart Cities Tour
• Smart Cities Tour
• Next Mov
• Marketing Journeys

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 # Web Summit 2017 
 Lisbon, 6th-9th Nov 
TOMI was once again at the Web Summit, demonstrating how its technology strengthens engagement at the largest technology conference and in Lisbon.
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  # TOMI developed successful interactive and engaging campaigns! 

 # Revista Cristina: interactive questionnaire with TOMI! 
 + More than 4,000 votes in just five days   

The interactive campaign of Revista Cristina magazine, in partnership with LUVIN – content & digital PR, MOP and TOMI WORLD, gathered about 4,000 votes in just five days on TOMI networks throughout the country. This pioneering activity in Portugal demonstrates how TOMI technology can provide the ways to create relevant and highly innovative experiences for brands and their users.
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 # Make someone smile today 
 + More than 20.000 photos sent with a frame from this campaign 
 From 6th – 20th Oct   
TOMI launched this campaign on World Smile Day: people could take a photo with a motivational quote and send it to a friend to spread smiles. This campaign reinforces engagement with an immersive experience: a small gesture such as sending a photo with a motivational quote to a friend can change someone’s day.
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 # TOMI TOUR: geomarketing 
 + More than 22.000 photos sent with a TOMI TOUR frame 
Average per month   
This campaign is launched on the “Go for a ride day” as a way to promote mobility and inspire people to wander around the city. Appealing to freedom, movement and tourism promotion, it is possible to explore all the points of interest with the help of TOMI, marking the stops with a different postcard in each TOMI.
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  # TOMI United: TOMI is a friend of social causes 

TOMI helped to promote organizations that support social and cultural causes. During 2017, TOMI helped to spread the word about dozens of social and cultural initiatives including human rights, children’s rights, health issues, cultural promotion among others.

 # TOMI is the right choice for brands to communicate!

Dozens of brands chose TOMI to communicate in 2017!

 # TOMI is perfect to create innovative and engaging brand experiences!

In Rio de Janeiro, the Caixa Econômica Federal celebrated the New Year arrival with the 2018 countdown! TOMI helped to count the seconds to 2018 in both screens, creating an incredible experience for the people who welcomed the New Year in Copacabana.

During the New Years’ Eve, TOMI live broadcasted the raffle of “Mega da Virada”, the last lottery of the year in Rio de Janeiro!

TOMI is always helping brands to create more engaging experiences!  The brands can create customised frames to add extra-fun to the audience!

  # TOMI caught the eye of the public on Instagram 

TOMI’s users shared hundreds of selfies and GIFs with us on Instagram, in 2017. We now count with more than 6.000 followers! If you’re on Instagram follow TOMI and share your photos with us: just use the #TOMIphoto hashtag.

Photo @ cristifgf

 # TOMI gets the party started on New Year’s Eve 

The New Year’s Eve is very special in our various networks so we developed several videos to wish our users a Happy New Year all over the world!

TOMI was again in one of the biggest celebrations in the world, the New Year’s Eve in Copacabana! See the last moments of the year with TOMI.

Our users started the celebration with some animated frames that made their photos on TOMI super festive!


Countdown to the New Year 2018

TOMI also did the countdown to the New Year across various networks.

  # The best is yet to come: TOMI will become even more global! 

2017 was a great year for TOMI. But we can assure that the best is yet to come. Stay tuned for more news.


* In order to preserve the privacy of TOMI users, the photos taken in our equipment are not saved. The photos in this newsletter were shared by our users on social media.