TOMI stands out in smart events

TOMI actively participated in smart cities and smart solutions on Experiential Marketing events, from north to south of Portugal.

Zoom Smart Cities Tour 2017

This international event was designed to think about cities and define intelligence as the key point for environmental sustainability, economic development, progress and modernization. TOMI joins the commitment to help cities become smarter, assuring the happiness of citizens.

Smart Cities Tour 2017

This tour has been held in across different cities in Portugal debating the Smart Cities’ concept and solutions.

TOMI provides citizens and visitors useful information and a better experience in the city, promoting quality of life and mobility. It is an innovation that supports the economy, increasing the competitiveness.

As José Agostinho CEO highlighted at Vila Nova de Gaia, TOMI key benefits can be a major contribution to sustainable growth and the daily life in the city.

Next Mov – Smart Region Summit

This event discussed and anticipate how mobility will become in a near future, having a wide range of conferences with relevant international and national speakers. TOMI was present giving the example how the digital transformation is happening and how it can benefit mobility.

Marketing Journeys

This event at ISCTE-IUL connects university students with marketeers from the major national and international brands. They shared the latest trends happening in the Marketing world and explained with real examples how experiential marketing is becoming more important in consumers’ life.

TOMI was there as a special guest and showed how we can engage with our users in the context of this transformation, creating more exciting and relevant brand experiences.