Privacy policy

TOMI WORLD takes measures to protect the privacy of the users of its applications. Your Privacy Policy aims to demonstrate your commitment and respect for the rules of personal data protection. Personal data of any kind and regardless of its support relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject) is considered personal data.

TOMI WORLD favors the anonymous use in TOMI equipment or its mobile applications. The personal data sent are not stored or processed. Any collection, storage or processing of personal data, necessary to carry out a specific service, desired by the user, will be carried out on time and with the explicit authorization of the user.

Examples of personal data processed
(1) Sending photographs, through TOMI equipment, during periods of internet connectivity interruption or download: The photos are, with the user’s explicit permission, encrypted and temporarily stored for later sending (shortly after the re-establishment of connectivity) to the user or download through QR-Code;
(2) Email and photo for mobile application login: The data is stored to associate the user’s choices in the mobile application. Deleting the account, by the user, will delete all user data;
(3) GPS location: The user GPS location is not stored or treated: The location can be used, with the user explicit permission, only on mobile devices to receive geofenced security alerts.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, you may contact TOMI WORLD in case of any privacy policy inquiries via These Terms and Conditions, which should be read carefully, may be changed, considering that they will come into effect from the date of their placement on this site, making reference to the date of update.

Date of last privacy policy update:
November 17, 2022

Links to Third Party Sites
TOMI applications establish links with other websites and applications, including sharing of content and photos. Our privacy policy is not applied to third-party websites, therefore, their privacy policy should be consulted.