TOMI wants to see everyone smiling

With several motivational frames, TOMI wants you to send your smile to a friend

TOMI launches the “Make Someone Smile Today” campaign on the World Smile Day. Everyone who uses a TOMI between October 6 and October 20 can take a photo or a GIF with a motivational quote and share it on social media with the #TOMIphoto hashtag or send it to a friend to spread smiles and the good mood.

With inspirational post-its and quotes such as “I believe in you!”, “You make me smile” or “You have a cute smile,” the campaign aims to spread smiles among those who take the photos and those who receive them. With a small gesture, people just need a brief moment of their day to make someone else smile.

TOMI technology has the potential to get closer to the users and to improve the customer experience. This campaign reinforces engagement with an immersive and personalized experience: a small gesture such as sending a photo with a motivational quote to a friend or family member can change someone’s day.

TOMI is the “City’s Best Friend” that helps its inhabitants and tourists to enjoy more of the city.


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