Thousands of votes in the Revista Cristina magazine campaign on TOMI networks

The interactive campaign of Revista Cristina magazine, in partnership with LUVIN – content & digital PR, MOP and TOMI WORLD, gathered about 4,000 votes in just five days on TOMI networks throughout the country. This pioneering activity in Portugal demonstrates how TOMI technology can provide the ways to create relevant and highly innovative experiences for brands and their users.

For the first time in Portugal, an interactive campaign was developed with questionnaires in an outdoor network using TOMI technology, in a partnership between Revista Cristina, the agency LUVIN – content & digital PR, MOP and TOMI WORLD. The Cristina’s magazine campaign “Isto Choca?” is an innovative action that allowed to gather opinions in real time, by using some of the functionalities of the TOMI network in several cities.

On July the 3rd, a false cover was unveiled, and two days later the two real covers appeared on the stands: one with two women kissing and the other with two men. The Revista Cristina wanted to know which cover was preferred by men and by women and TOMI helped to give the answer to this question with an interactive questionnaire specifically developed for it that was available between 5 and 10 July.

José Agostinho, TOMI WORLD’s CEO adds that the interactivity is not the future of Marketing, it is the present: “With the multimedia and interactive characteristics of TOMI, we create and deliver new tools that enable brands to create effective, differentiating and innovative experiences in the urban context. Revista Cristina’s campaign is a great example of how TOMI can be used to create new communication strategies.”

Brands are promoting more and more experiences for their consumers. In today’s context, interactive marketing can achieve results and goals that otherwise are not possible to reach. This way, brands can reach the target audience in an innovative and creative way, capturing users’ interest at a higher level of engagement.