TOMI launches geomarketing campaign: TOMI TOUR

TOMI has more than 40 frames to collect and start your TOMI TOUR. Let’s take a walk around town?

In Portugal and Rio de Janeiro, people can start their TOMI TOUR. The various locations of TOMI have now special photo frames for users to take a photo and to collect all their stops in the various spots of the city that have a TOMI.

This campaign is launched on the “Go for a ride” day as a way to promote mobility and inspire people to wander around the city. Appealing to freedom, movement and tourism promotion, it is possible to explore all the points of interest with the help of TOMI, marking the stops with a different postcard in each TOMI.

In cities like Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Viseu, Figueira da Foz, cities in the Algarve region and small towns like Tábua there is more than 40 frames to collect. Each location has a special frame: for example, in Lisbon, there are different postcards for Rossio, Largo de Camões, Santa Apolónia, Baixa-Chiado, Aeroporto, Gare do Oriente, etc.

According to José Agostinho, CEO of TOMI WORLD, this campaign enhances engagement with the users as it promotes mobility and tourism, two points that are fundamental for TOMI: “TOMI promotes a more engaging experience with the citizens, linking them to all of the information available in the city.This campaign can simultaneously promote mobility and tourism as it inspires people to get to know their city or visit new places, bringing with them a personalized postcard: a photograph of themselves.

With this campaign, TOMI aims to promote the uniqueness of each of its locations, while inspiring people to leave home, get to know their city and keep the best memories of their tours.

Let’s start TOMI TOUR?