TOMI WORLD NOW: TOMI expands its network in Lisbon



TOMI expands its network in Lisbon

Lisbon has two more TOMI at Gare do Oriente! More than 150 thousand people walk by this intermodal space daily, and now they count on TOMI to find updated information and smart services. Lisbon is becoming smarter every day with TOMI’s expansion.

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How TOMI took public services to the next level
The cities are changing, evolving and transforming into digital smarter places. The public-sector digital transformation is thriving in most cities and TOMI took part in this phenomenon by providing a forward-thinking and unique way to access public services: right in the streets! Since the launch of this service in TOMI Portugal network, our users have consulted the service queues hundreds of times.

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José Agostinho: “Accessibility is crucial in smart cities”  

“Since we created TOMI until today, we were always looking for ways we could build better solutions for people. Developing our smart city solution into a powerful innovation that can help to transform cities and enhance the life of the citizens and tourists as our top priority.”

– José Agostinho, TOMI WORLD CEO

5 ways TOMI helps you on Valentine’s Day!
February is the official month of love and TOMI helped to spread it.
Whether you’re single or committed, going out with your valentine, spending time with family and friends or just celebrating the holiday to self-love, check out how TOMI can help you.



The beggining of a great year!   #January2019  
2019 started with great news and evolutions for TOMI, making it more accessible for people with disabilities. January foresees a great year for TOMI. 

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