TOMI Porto and the North NOW: TOMI promotes the touristic destination



TOMI promotes the touristic destination

Porto and the north is the national destination that has grown more in 2018. Last year registered over 7.9 million overnight stays in the region and 4.3 million guests! TOMI is helping to create a better experience for tourists, that can find everything they need to explore the city in the innovative platform.



Updated daily 
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TOMI is always updated. In January TOMI has published over 670 points of interest, events, and news!


The first month of the year 
TOMI starts another great year in the Porto and the North region, showing its potential to promote cultural events and the local economy. 

TOMI is a polyglot friend for all tourists!
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TOMI provides information in three languages: portuguese, english and spanish, making it the perfect polyglot friend to help foreign tourists in the region.