TOMI takes public services to the streets in Portugal

TOMI WORLD launched an innovative service resulting from a collaboration protocol between the Agency for Administrative Modernization (AMA) that brings public services, such as ‘Loja de Cidadão’, to the streets of Portugal. The TOMI is now providing ‘Mapa do Cidadão’ information, as well as allowing access to virtual tickets for ‘Loja de Cidadão’ and other public entities.

The user can select the service and the desired ‘Loja de Cidadão’ in TOMI, receiving their ticket by SMS on their mobile phone. With this service, the wait times in the store are reduced since TOMI informs the number of people waiting and the average time of service. People can access this information and avoid queues in the store since it is possible to receive an alert when there are 3 tickets left for your turn.

José Agostinho, CEO of TOMI WORLD, believes that this innovation will help citizens and public entities , making services more accessible to everyone in Portugal: “we want to play a key role in the dynamics of smart cites by providing TOMI with timely information and services.”

This new service intends to significantly reduce waiting times in the store and help citizens to access public services in an easy way in any TOMI of Portugal. This is a unique service worldwide that will contribute to the development of smart cities.

The CEO of TOMI WORLD further underlines that “renewing a driving license or taking a passport or any of the other services present in the central administration, become more accessible and comfortable for those who need it. We bring more value to the street and we make public services closer to the citizens. We are also working on other features to make cities smarter. ”

The official inauguration of the service and signing of the protocol with the AMA, made with the digital mobile key, was attended by the Assistant Secretary of State and Administrative Modernization, Graça Fonseca; and the president of AMA, Pedro Silva Dias.