5 ways TOMI will help you this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is your chance to do something unique and unexpected with that special someone.

Whether you’re single or committed, going out with your valentine, spending time with family and friends or just celebrating the holiday to self-love, check out how TOMI will help you.


Love is always in the air in your city, but can you find where? Thankfully, you have TOMI!


01. TOMI knows all the great restaurants for a romantic dinner

So you want to take your better half to dinner, but you want it to be special? TOMI helps you to find restaurants in your city so you’ll have the most romantic dinner ever.

02. Events just one touch away

With TOMI you can find the perfect plans to do with your partner, whether it is a concert, an art exhibition or a movie. Find it in TOMI and send it by e-mail to the person you want to.

03. Time for some lovey-dovey selfies!

How about remembering this day with a special photo? Celebrate with one of TOMI’s custom frames and share them on social media.

04. Find shops for the most unforgettable gift

For some people, it is the occasion for buying flowers, cards, and chocolates. Did you know you can find places to shop with TOMI?

05. Are you single? Forget the Chinese takeout

Being single on Valentine’s doesn’t mean ordering takeout to eat alone on your couch! Go out and explore the best that your city has to offer with TOMI. Dedicate the holiday to spend time with friends or just some well-deserved self-appreciation… Chocolate, maybe?