TOMI Santiago NOW: Celebrating Valentine’s Day with TOMI



Celebrating Valentine’s Day with TOMI




February is the official month of love and TOMI helped to spread it in Santiago de Chile. With TOMI, people could find the best restaurants for the perfect night, the ideal places to buy that special gift and take a selfie with a personalized frame.





Whether you’re single or committed, going out with your valentine, spending time with family and friends or just celebrating the holiday to self-love, check out how TOMI can help you.



See 5 ways TOMI helps you on Valentine’s Day!









The best time to visit Santiago!   #January2019  
The Chilean capital is on summer holidays, with warm temperatures and radiant sun. This is one of the best times to visit Santiago, since a wider range of events are happening in the city and TOMI is helping to promote them. 




Summer means more outdoor time!
Take advantage of the February heat and stroll along the Paseo Bandera, where you will find the TOMI.