TOMI Rio NOW: TOMI helps promoting local economy and mobility!



TOMI helps promoting local economy and mobility around the city!




The past few months registered a significant increase in the number of interactions because during the Summer, more people take photos and gifs with TOMI.
TOMI continues to play an essential role in promoting the local economy and mobility. The Search and Transport modules were the ones that stood out the most to locals and tourists.








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TOMi is always updated. In January, TOMI published over 360 points of interest, events and news in Rio de Janeiro!











Enjoying the Summer with TOMI 
January is one of the hottest months in Rio de Janeiro, making it the perfect time to enjoy the beach and the Summer with TOMI. 




Ipanema is catching everyone’s attention!
TOMI arrived at Ipanema one month ago, and it has been a great success.
This TOMI is registering high number of interactions and photos sent.


Communicating with great impact 
TOMI is a great choice to communicate at Rio de Janeiro, creating high levels of engagement and impact with the Cariocas.