TOMI Santiago NOW 2018: the year that TOMI became Santiago’s Best Friend!




2018: the year that TOMI became Santiago’s Best Friend!




TOMI arrived in Santiago de Chile in June 2018 and the feedback was incredible.  TOMI’s numbers since June 15th are amazing: over 9.8 million views, more than 1.7 million interactions, and over 125 thousand photos.
This start foresees a great future for TOMI Santiago de Chile network!










  TOMI captured everyone’s attention: see some of the TV press coverage  






TOMI at CNN Chile





TOMI at T13





TOMI at Chilevisión






 TOMI received seven worldwide recognitions!  

01. Smart Cities UK Awards – London, UK
02. Innovation Challenge – Kansas City, USA
03. Smart 50 Awards – Kansas City, USA
04. InnovaCity – São Paulo, Brazil
Anim’Arte award – Viseu, Portugal
06. E-Gov Smart Cities Award – London, UK
07. Norway’s Future City Expo – Oslo, Norway







TOMI updates

  • TOMI’s Search module received a visual boost with the implementation of new icons in different categories.
  • TOMI says hello: TOMI is more innovative and teaches expressions in the local language to foreign visitors.



Empowering engagement with our users

TOMI created several engaging campaigns and interactive experiences to enable engagement with our users on important dates such as Fiestas Patrias, Christmas, New Year, and so much more!




The start of a
great TOMI
TOMI arrived at Santiago in 2018, and it became
a great part of the city’s life! TOMI’s numbers
since June 15th are completely spectacular.