TOMI wins Smart City UK Awards and Smart 50 Awards

TOMI has begun 2018 by being recognized with two worldwide smart cities awards: the Smart 50 Awards by Smart Cities Connect and the Smart Cities UK Awards. These two worldwide awards acknowledge TOMI’s innovative work in developing smart cities.

In January, TOMI was recognized with the Smart 50 Awards which honours the most innovative and transforming projects worldwide in the smart cities field. This year, categories included governance, mobility, energy, citizen life, and networks.

The award highlighted TOMI’s performance in the smart cities development, in the Citizen Life category. This award was attributed to TOMI’s operation in Rio de Janeiro, where it has been continuously expanding and growing.
The Awards gala will take place on March 26th at the Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo in Kansas City, USA.

In February, TOMI won the Smart Cities UK Awards, in the connectivity category. TOMI’s impact on improving digital engagement for citizens or users was acknowledged as the 2018’s key innovative project that can change communities across the UK.

The Smart Cities UK 2018 Conference, Expo and Awards took place in London on February 1st and addressed the best practice examples on the smart transformation from across Cities within the United Kingdom.

José Agostinho, CEO of TOMI, highlights these smart cities awards as a consolidation of TOMI’s role in the development of smart cities: “TOMI brings people and cities together with important information and services that facilitate the daily life of those who live and visit the cities, which is fundamental to smart cities. TOMI is growing and innovating more and more, and we are very proud that our work is recognized worldwide.”

The evolution of smart cities is one of TOMI’s main goals, believing that cities should become smarter, more efficient, sustainable and livable. TOMI is improving the quality of life and promoting more informed and participative citizens by providing key information to its users.

TOMI is currently working on a worldwide expansion, making it possible to bring its smart cities solution to new countries and cities across the world.