TOMI says hello!

In the Web Summit week, TOMI is more innovative and teaches local expressions to visitors in Lisbon

At a time when the capital receives thousands of visitors to the Web Summit, TOMI / MOP launches new functionality to make the arrival in Lisbon more interactive. The new functions reinforce the position of TOMI as the best host and friend of the city, using its multimedia features to reach the public in a creative way.

When users select a foreign language TOMI welcomes the city and teaches three expressions in Portuguese through the text-to-speech functionality. The idea is to increase engagement between visitors and cities by providing them with innovative interactive experiences on the street.

As this feature came to stay in all networks in Portugal, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago de Chile, you can send suggestions to include more local expressions that you want to see TOMI teach tourists. From a co-creation perspective, the goal is to make the experience with the city more local and personalized, giving the floor to the locals and promoting the uniqueness of each city. Suggestions can be sent to