TOMI wins ‘Best Citizen Engagement Solution’ at Future Digital Awards

TOMI was the winner of the “Best Citizen Engagement Solution” category for Smart Cities innovations. Previous winners of this award include Google, Amazon, and IBM.

The implementation of public services on the platform, accessibility to people with disabilities and all the smart information and services provided by TOMI on a daily basis were recognized as the best solution for engaging with citizens at the Future Digital Awards.

José Agostinho, CEO of TOMI WORLD considers this recognition of enormous importance. “We work daily to ensure that we remain the best public interaction solution, delivering truly needed and timely information and services. Therefore, engagement with the citizen is the goal of all our efforts in any city in the world. This recognition is yet another international confirmation of the value of TOMI for smart cities. ”

This is one more distinction among the many that TOMI has been achieving for its contribution to smart cities, after winning the Smart 50 Awards (Kansas, USA), the Smart Cities UK Awards (United Kingdom) and InovaCidade (São Paulo, Brazil), E-Gov World’s Smart Cities Organization (London, United Kingdom).

Future Digital Awards, hosted by Jupiner Research, recognize cutting-edge technology companies that deliver breakthrough and disruptive products or services. This year’s competition featured winners in other categories such as Microsoft (Consumer Wearable Device of the Year) and Qualcomm (Most Innovative ADAS Solution).

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