TOMI wins gold in the European Product Design Awards

TOMI is gold in design for society with the “TOMI For All” accessibility project. The EPDA has received hundreds of applications from more than 75 countries.

TOMI received gold in the “Design for Society” category at the European Product Design Awards, one of the most important design competitions in the world, that includes the European Parliament as its partner.

The winning project was the “TOMI For All,” which ensures that everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive needs, can seek intelligent information and services at TOMI. This innovation in the interactive urban platform was implemented earlier this year and promotes inclusion and accessibility in cities. TOMI has implemented new features that bring new dynamics to the digital transformation of cities and it has become accessible to all citizens with disabilities by making all services available to people with physical, visual, hearing or cognitive disabilities.

José Agostinho, CEO of TOMI WORLD highlights the importance of this award in the area of ​​design for society: “We work daily to bring more quality of life to people and cities and this is the international recognition of the fundamental role of TOMI. The TOMI For All in particular is another innovation that distinguishes TOMI as an essential for society, accessibility and inclusion.”

The European Product Design Award announced the results of the third edition of the competition on 9 July, where hundreds of projects from more than 75 countries competed in various areas of Design. The international jury is constituted by independent designers, clients, design educators and editors who recognize products that aim to improve everyday life with practical and well-thought-out creations.

The TOMI For All feature was launched earlier this year and it has received different recognitions. TOMI was nominated in the “Diversity and Inclusion” category at the Computing Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards in London, it received an honourable mention in the “Innovation” category at the Start & Go Award, it was finalist at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards (UK) and was also accredited as a Pantou Listed Supplier of ENAT – European Network for Accessible Tourism.

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