TOMI WORLD NOW: TOMI is triangulating on success!



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TOMI is triangulating on success!

 #TOMI is on the three corners of the Algarve’s Golden Triangle!

With three new locations in Algarve: Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura, TOMI connected the dots to comprise the Golden Triangle in Algarve!

The Golden Triangle is the name of a triangle of resorts which are the most affluent tourist area of the Algarve.
Tourists can now have a new help in their stay: TOMI.

 #Quinta do Lago 
Quinta do Lago just welcomed TOMI into their beautiful location! Quinta do Lago is a golf resort and residential estate.

 # Vale do Lobo  
TOMI arrived at Vale do Lobo, one of the most important luxury real estate and tourism developments in Europe.

 # Vilamoura 
TOMI just sailed to Vilamoura, installing a new device at the luxury tourist complex, well-known for its marina and hotels.

 # TOMI was a huge success in Rock in Rio!

This year, Rock in Rio, the biggest music and entertainment festival in the world, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, had a new best friend: TOMI. TOMI brought more interactivity, information and fun to the public, registering more than 178 thousand interactions, 782 thousand views and over 28 thousand photos sent.

In a City of Rock so rich in content and as big as the one created for the 2017 edition, it’s becoming increasingly relevant to improve our services to provide great comfort and convenience to ensure that the public takes advantage of everything we offer. The TOMIs gave a big contribution for this goal. “

Original: “Numa Cidade do Rock tão rica em conteúdos e tão grande como a estreamos na edição 2017, fica cada vez mais relevante o aprimoramento dos serviços internos para dar conforto e garantir que o público tire proveito de tudo que preparamos. Os TOMIs vieram contribuir bastante com esta entrega.”

– Roberta Medina

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 # Portugal counts on TOMI to welcome foreign tourists 
In Europe, August is the month when a lot of people take their vacations off. Fortunately, TOMI was there making sure their vacations went well! The latest reports have shown an increase of the interactions made in foreign languages.
 # TOMI is a captivating media platform 
From car brands like Volkswagen to the Carlsberg danish beer, every month prominent brands choose TOMI to communicate and to engage more with the consumers!

 #Updates on user-interface 
New information windows were developed to improve the perception and interaction with our users.

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August is meant to be spent out, exploring the city with TOMI!

 # TOMI is a friend of social causes 
For years “clown doctors” have been making the smile as the best medicine. To celebrate their anniversary, the “Operação Nariz Vermelho” intends to distribute smiles for all who need them. TOMI supports this cause and wants to help to spread the joy.



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