TOMI Lisbon NOW: Sun and TOMI: an invitation to explore Lisbon


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Sun and TOMI: an invitation to explore Lisbon

 # Lisbon attractions with TOMI: what to see and what to do 
In August, Lisbon welcomed the visitors in a dynamic atmosphere: art exhibitions, music events, dance and much more. TOMI published dozens of events in the sunny month, promoting every type of art and activities in the capital of Portugal.
From cultural plans to jazz and other musical festivals, the “lisboetas” and the visitors could enjoy a rich agenda last month!

 #Updates on user-interface 
New information windows were developed to improve the perception and interaction with our users.

 # TOMI is a friend of social causes 
For years “clown doctors” have been making the smile as the best medicine. To celebrate their anniversary, the “Operação Nariz Vermelho” intends to distribute smiles for all who need them. TOMI supports this cause and wants to help to spread the joy.

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In August, Lisbon continued to receive a lot of tourists that counted on TOMI to welcome them!

 # TOMI is a captivating media platform 
From car brands like Volkswagen to the Carlsberg danish beer, every month prominent brands choose TOMI to communicate and to engage with the consumers! IADE – Creative University also created a special frame for GIFs and photos to interact with the users and let them share selfies in the social media.

 # Summer Vacations in the capital of Portugal! 

TOMI is always creating special content for our special users! This Summer we created special “Summer Vacations” frames so our users could record their vacations with a selfie.