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Taking interaction to the next level with TOMI!

 # Revista Cristina launched interactive campaign on TOMI networks 
The interactive campaign of Revista Cristina magazine, in partnership with LUVIN – content & digital PR, MOP and TOMI WORLD, gathered about 4,000 votes in just five days on TOMI networks throughout the country. This pioneering action in Portugal demonstrates how TOMI technology can provide the means to create very relevant and innovative experiences for brands and their users.
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 # New Location: Manteigas
TOMI is climbing up! The City’s Best Friend arrived at Manteigas municipality, located in the Serra da Estrela Mountains, the highest elevation in mainland Portugal. 

 #TOMI celebrated Popular Saints 

June is a month of festivities during the days of the Popular Saints – Santo António (13th), São João (24th) and São Pedro (29th), all across Portugal and Brazil (“Festa Junina” on the 24th). TOMI helped the celebrations: during this commemorative dates, the interactions increased significantly in the various TOMI’s networks.

 #TOMI caught the eye of the public on Instagram 
TOMI users like to share their selfies and GIFs with us and we now count with more than 2,000 followers! If you’re on Instagram follow TOMI and share your photos with us: just use the  #tomiphoto  hashtag.

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Next stop: finding what to do in the city!

 #TOMI engages with local events 

 # Feira de São João  // Évora
In the month of the Popular Saints, TOMI was in Évora celebrating São João
 with ACDE!

 # FACIT  // Tábua
TOMI was in the spotlight in FACIT, helping to promote the best of the region and to support the territorial cohesion.

 # Jardins Efémeros  // Viseu
Jardins Efémeros is a cultural event in Viseu where TOMI proudly helped to celebrate.



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