TOMI Algarve NOW: Algarve welcomes tourists with the help of TOMI!



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Algarve welcomes tourists with the help of TOMI!

 #Summertime means (even) more tourists in Algarve!

Algarve is known for the amazing beaches, warm waters and the exciting night life. In Summer, it’s no surprise that the tourists are arriving to this beautiful region since it is one of the most popular destinations in the world.
The latest reports have shown an increase in English and Spanish queries on TOMI: more than half of the interactions were in these languages.

 # Enjoying Popular Saints Festivities
June is the month of the parades of the popular saints and the Algarve is no stranger to the celebration. During these commemorative days, people interacted even more with TOMI!

 # Revista Cristina launched interactive campaign on TOMI networks
The interactive campaign of Revista Cristina magazine, in partnership with LUVIN – content & digital PR, MOP and TOMI WORLD, gathered about 4,000 votes in just five days on TOMI networks throughout the country. This pioneering action in Portugal demonstrates how TOMI technology can provide the means to create very relevant and innovative experiences for brands and their users.
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July reflected the trend of a high number of tourists arriving to the region. This fabulous destination counted on TOMI to welcome and to help the tourists.

 #TOMI is beach-ready!
There are many lovely beaches in Algarve, so the choice is yours to select where to spend your lazy days in the sunshine! Fortunately, there are many TOMI close to the most special beaches in the region.
The TOMI at Carvoeiro and the TOMI at Monte Gordo were the stars in July, registering the highest number of interactions and photos, respectively.