TOMI Lisbon NOW: Lisbon is more interactive with TOMI!



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Lisbon is more interactive with TOMI!

 # Revista Cristina launched interactive campaign on TOMI networks
The interactive campaign of Revista Cristina magazine, in partnership with LUVIN – content & digital PR, MOP and TOMI WORLD, gathered about 4,000 votes in just five days on TOMI networks throughout the country. This pioneering action in Portugal demonstrates how TOMI technology can provide the means to create very relevant and innovative experiences for brands and their users.
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 # The capital is attracting more tourists

The latest reports have shown an increase in English queries on TOMI: more than half of the interactions were made in this language! Tourists are enjoying and discovering everything that Lisbon has to offer with the help of TOMI.

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The sun invited tourists and locals to discover Lisbon. And TOMI was there to help!

 # TOMI helps to celebrate Santo Antonio Celebrations 

The Santo Antonio Celebrations takes place in Lisbon every year in June, usually 12th and 13th of the month. This year Lisbon had once again its best friend to get the party started: TOMI! With customised frames and all the Santo Antonio’s events just one touch away, the city was even closer on this special night.