TOMI, Rock’s City Best Friend

Rock in Rio will feature 10 TOMIs that promise to mix a lot of music, interactivity, and information at the largest entertainment event in the world.

Music + interactivity + information = lots of fun! This year, Rock in Rio, the biggest music and entertainment festival in Rio de Janeiro, will have a novelty beyond intelligent and very useful: TOMI. An interactive platform that will be accessible to the visitors to take giant selfies with customised frames, as well as useful and updated information in real time about everything that happens at the festival.

There will be 10 TOMIs installed in strategic points that will allow the access to all the visitors, by presenting its content in Portuguese, Spanish and English. The giant selfies and GIFs with customised frames from Rock in Rio will guarantee that the visitors have fun.
Users can download these selfies by email or QR-code, share them on social networks, and record the day they were at the festival.

In addition to all the interaction and fun, the platform provides key information. There are four main modules: News, Agenda, Rock in Rio and Transports. For the event, the devices will provide special content as in the news module – where you can find updated information about the bands and artists that will be at the festival.

In the agenda, everyone will have access to the shows with the respective schedules and stages. At ‘Rock in Rio’, the users will be able to find an interactive map with directions to points of interest such as stages, attractions, official stores, bars, food courts, areas for people with reduced mobility, bathrooms, ATMs, among others. Finally, in the transports section, visitors will have access to the best routes to return home.

Incentive to tourism in Rio

The Rock in Rio itself is already a great attraction to bring many tourists to Rio de Janeiro. With the help of TOMIs, it will become even easier to encourage visits to tourist spots, for example.

The CEO of TOMI WORLD, José Agostinho, states that the presence of TOMIs at the event will be a great help to visitors because it guarantees access to all the information about the City of Rock. Especially for the event, the technological platform will offer two options of directory, a special one of the City of Rock and the other one about the city of Rio de Janeiro:

– “It’s a huge breakthrough in delivering content, making the experience more complete, rich and effective, since in a single device the users have access to a range of information, not only about the City of Rock but also about the Rio de Janeiro’s city and this is important not only for the visitor but also for the Carioca.”, he said.

This is not the first time the festival gets smarter with TOMI. TOMI was at Rock in Rio held last year in Lisbon and it was a big success. Over 100,000 interactions were registered on the various devices, as well as thousands of photos shared per day.