(English) TOMI World Report September 2019

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TOMI was recognised as ‘Best Citizen Engagement Solution’ in the Future Digital Awards! TOMI wins a worldwide smart cities’ innovation award once again. Previous winners of the award were leading technology companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and many others.





This month, the mobility module – Transports – was the most used on TOMI, registering the highest percentage of touches.





Promoting urban mobility
On September, several cities promote the mobility week. TOMI is plays an important role in promoting urban mobility, since it quick and effective answers by allowing users to search for the routes for any destination in city, as well as how much time it will take to arrive, or how much it will cost.
Change of the seasons
When the Autumn arrives in Europe, our Brazil and Chile’s network welcomes the Spring. TOMI is always ready for any season of the year, and to engage locally with our users.

September is the chosen month to promote mobility in the cities, and TOMI helped to spread the word with a special animated frame. On Santiago, TOMI also promoted local engagement during the Fiestas Patrias – the most important holiday on Chile.

TOMI is the best way to communicate and to reach the audience and interact in a creative way. 




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