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Much more than an interactive kiosk: TOMI

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Smart services & information

TOMI delivers smart information and services right in the streets in innovative and unique ways.

Worldwide recognition

TOMI is the winner of several global smart cities awards, granted by important institutions in the field.

Quantifiable impact

TOMI develops monthly thorough reports, showing how the users are interacting with the device.


World patented and registered.


TOMI is much more than just an interactive kiosk, more than an interactive mupi, more than a multimedia kiosk and much more than a digital totem. TOMI is a unique, innovative and smart city solution!

It is an innovative all-in-one solution that is built on a platform created especially for cities, ready to give the citizens what they need and provide the cities with an easy-to-use way to communicate.

Your city needs TOMI, not an interactive kiosk

TOMI includes several unique functionalities that go even beyond a smart city kiosk! It comprises a multidimensional solution that enables citizen engagement in different ways and goes way further than showing dissociated information.

Cities have specific needs that require technological know-how to address people’s expectations. TOMI comprises a strong R&D project with over 9 years, devoting its efforts to the innovation and improvement of the platform. TOMI has been on the streets for 7 years and it has evolved and expanded worldwide.

MILLION interactions in a year
MILLION Photos sent in a year
Cities trust TOMI worldwide


Learn what our users and cities have to say.
“Thank you for this beautiful service”

I love your service. My father doesn’t have a cell phone and doesn’t know how to send photos by email.
I live in another country. The only way for me to stay up to date and see my dad often is through TOMI. He uses at least 3x a week. Thank you for this beautiful service.

Sylvia D'Antonio
Brazilian user
“Awesome, funny and helpful”

I’m a tourist from Argentina! And I think it’s awesome, funny and helpful all these things you have in the streets! Great work! Keep going that way.

Agustin Ocampo
Lisbon Tourist
«TOMI is undoubtedly a great help to promote accessible tourism in Lisbon»

«We are able to find information easily on these accessible devices. And from this point of view, TOMI is undoubtedly a great help to promote accessible tourism in Lisbon.»

Pedro Homem de Gouveia
Coordinator, Pedestrian Accessibility Plan at Lisbon City Hall
«TOMI has revolutionized the way we travel in Portugal»

«This is our friend TOMI. These interactive gadgets are multiplied a little by many cities in the country and allow to those who pass by them to take photos and make gif’s or know the cultural agenda of that city. TOMI has revolutionized the way we travel in Portugal.»

Raising routes
Portuguese users, shared on Instagram