TOMI WORLD NOW: TOMI innovates with public services! 


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TOMI innovates with public services!

 # Public services available in the streets of Portugal with TOMI! 

TOMI WORLD has just launched an innovative service resulting from a collaboration protocol between the Agência para a Modernização Administrativa (AMA) that brings public services, such as ‘Loja de Cidadão’, to the streets of Portugal. TOMI is now providing ‘Mapa do Cidadão’ information, as well as allowing access to virtual tickets for citizen desks’ services and other public entities.

 # TOMI arrives at Santiago de Chile! 

  # TOMI expansion: Santiago de Chile  
TOMI is now officially Santiago de Chile’s Best Friend!  TOMI’s new location is right in the heart of the city. Welcome aboard, Santiago, it’s a pleasure to be here.
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 # TOMI is in Rock in Rio for the 3rd year in a row! 

For the third consecutive year, Rock in Rio counted on TOMI to provide information and smart services in the festival. The festival, which took place on June 23rd, 24th, 29th and 30th, in Bela Vista Park in Lisbon, counted on TOMI to help visitors to have fun and enjoy the festival. Seven TOMI were at the City of Rock, at strategic points, providing useful and updated information about the festival to its visitors, including line-up, biographies of the bands, all the amusement areas, food areas, WCs, ATMs, occupation rate of the attractions of the venue, among others.
TOMI made Rock in Rio a Smart City of Rock!

Special frames for Rock in Rio

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 # TOMI interactive game 


  # Football World Cup on TOMI!  
TOMI created a special penalties’ game to celebrate World Cup! You can play it on TOMI until the end of World Cup 2018.

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TOMI shapes smart cities
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 # TOMI is the right choice for brands to communicate!

  # Special frames for special days 

June 1st – Children’s Day

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