TOMI Lisbon NOW: TOMI makes Lisbon a smarter city


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TOMI makes Lisbon a smarter city

  # Two new locations in Lisbon!   

TOMI arrived at two new locations in Lisbon: close to Largo Bordalo Pinheiro and Praça da Figueira. These are fantastic places in the capital. Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro is between Chiado, Carmo and Trindade, some of the most well-known places in Lisbon.
Praça da Figueira is a large square also in the centre of Lisbon, being surrounded by several hotels, cafés, and shops.

  # TOMI partners with Smart Open Lisboa  

TOMI is proud to be an Associated Partner in the Smart Open Lisboa, an initiative that focuses on the validation and integration of innovative solutions made to upgrade city life in Lisbon.
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Short break in the Lisbon with TOMI

  # The Easter weekend invites people to explore Lisbon 

The day off at the end of the month invited people to get out, explore Lisbon and interact with TOMI: this extended weekend registered an increase on the interactions and photos sent.

  # Easter – TOMI campaign 


TOMI wished a Happy Easter with animated customised frames and dynamic videos throughout the day.

  # TOMI is the right choice for brands to communicate 

  # Special frames for special days! 

 World Kiss Day 
 April 13rd   
On World Kiss Day, people could strike their best pose and steal some kisses on TOMI Kiss Cam, our customised animated frame!

 April Fools Day 
 April 1st  

 World Health Day 
 April 7th   

 March 20th