TOMI partners with Smart Open Lisboa

TOMI is proud to be an associated partner in the Smart Open Lisboa, an initiative that focuses on the validation and integration of innovative solutions made to upgrade city life in Lisbon.

SOL 3.0 is the city’s Flagship Open Innovation Program focused on bridging institutional and corporate partners such as TOMI WORLD with ambitious startups. TOMI is one of the associated partners that will be mentoring and collaborating with startups. TOMI is among other associated partners: Axians, Cisco, NOS, Santa Casa, Sharing Cities, Turismo de Portugal.

José Agostinho, TOMI WORLD CEO explains what is TOMI’s role in this innovation strategy for the city of Lisbon:

“TOMI is taking part in this dynamic environment to bring new ideas and established entities together. We strongly believe that fostering synergies between different innovations is the foundation for any smart city. TOMI WORLD expects to network with several creative projects and join efforts to make Lisbon a smarter city, more accessible to its citizens and more attractive to its visitors.”

The official launch ceremony took place on April 12th in Lisbon City Hall, where TOMI was announced as one of the partners for this year’s edition of SOL 3.0.

Addressing together Smart Cities challenges around different verticals: this smart city initiative will focus on different approaches in the mobility, housing and tourism sectors.

About the Smart Open Lisboa (SOL)

Smart Open Lisboa (SOL) is a startup implementation program, focused on the validation and integration of innovative solutions made to upgrade city life in Lisbon, in different verticals. Participants will have the one time opportunity for support and direct access to key corporates to validate their solutions using real data in a live environment and to work directly with their potential customers and/or partners.