TOMI Lisbon NOW: Public Services are getting high attention



Public Services are getting high attention from citizens

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In August, our new Citizen module was the second most used in the Search module! This shows how TOMI is engaging with the local community to give them the most useful ways to access public services in Lisbon.

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Welcoming the tourists to Lisbon

The summer brought thousands of tourists to Lisbon that counted on TOMI to explore the capital. In August, TOMI registered a significant increase in the interactions.


Summer and public services in Lisbon

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On one hand, TOMI’s users enjoyed their vacations and on the other hand, they used our new public services feature!
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Update on the Search module

We made the user experience in the Search module more visual, by implementing new icons in different categories. TOMI is always evolving on different levels.

World Photography Day

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On World Photography Day, people could use this animated frame to make their GIFs more fun!

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