TOMI Algarve NOW: A smarter tourist region!


A smarter tourist region!

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Summertime means (even) more tourists in the Algarve. The latest reports continue to show an increase in English and Spanish queries on TOMI: more than half of the interactions were in these languages! TOMI continues to welcome the tourists in the Algarve.

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Have you tried the Public Services on TOMI?

TOMI’s new feature is capturing everyone’s attention and our users and taking advantage of the possibility to take tickets and consult the public services on TOMI Portugal.  + Read more 


More than 1 million of interactions!

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August is the Algarve’s busiest month and the region received thousands of tourists. This was the best month of the year for TOMI’s metrics so far!   + See full report 

Update on the Search module

We made the user experience in the Search module more visual, by implementing new icons in different categories. TOMI is always evolving on different levels.

World Photography Day

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On World Photography Day, people could use this animated frame to make their GIFs more fun!




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