TOMI WORLD NOW: TOMI wins global E-Gov award!



TOMI wins global E-Gov award!

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TOMI was the big winner in the E-Gov category awarded by the World’s Smart Cities Organization, in the Global Smart Cities Contest!

This project brought public services to the streets in about 100 cities in Portugal, allowing to get digital tickets and alerts to public entities on TOMI network. TOMI and AMA – Agência para a Modernização Administrativa,  (the Portuguese Agency for Administrative Modernization and E-Gov) project was chosen as the number one in the E-Government area. 
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6 months in Azores! 

TOMI arrived at Azores 6 months ago, with three devices in Angra do Heroísmo!
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TOMI in the press 

TOMI’s expansion in Santiago de Chile and the 4 smart cities worldwide awards are highlighted on Jornal de Noticias.


Smart services just a TOMI away

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TOMI is transforming the way people do tourism in the cities, linking its technology to the cities’ touristic resources.
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Fiestas Patrias in Santiago de Chile 

TOMI always engages with the local events and happenings. TOMI wished happy  Fiestas Patrias with videos and customised frames.

Lisbon Welcome Day 

TOMI was present on Lisbon Welcome Day, giving a warm welcome to foreign university students who choose Lisbon to study.

Promoting mobility: World Car Free Day

Mobility is crucial when it comes to building smart cities, so TOMI is always promoting it. On World Car Free Day, we asked people to leave their cars with a customised frame.

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