TOMI Porto and the North: TOMI is the number one in the E-Gov area!


TOMI is the number one in the E-Gov area!

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TOMI was the big winner in the E-Gov category awarded by the World’s Smart Cities Organization, in the Global Smart Cities Contest!

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This project brought public services to the streets of Porto and the North, allowing to query for public services, get digital tickets and alerts to public entities on TOMI network. TOMI and AMA – Agência para a Modernização Administrativa,  (the Portuguese Agency for Administrative Modernization and E-Gov) project was chosen as the number one in the E-Government area. 

English, Spanish and Portuguese

TOMI provides information in three languages, being a great help to locals and to foreign tourists!


TOMI, a polyglot friend

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In September, TOMI registered a more even distribution between all the several languages in the graph. All the languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) had about 30% of the interactions. 

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