TOMI WORLD NOW: TOMI attends important smart events!


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TOMI attends important smart events!

  # TOMI travels to various events 

  # BTL – Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa  
TOMI was present at the Lisbon Travel Market (BTL) that was held in Lisbon from 28th February to 4th March. This was the sixth year in a row that TOMI was at this event promoting various municipalities.
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  # Smart Cities Tour 2018  
TOMI is taking part of the Smart Cities Tour 2018 and has already been in Albufeira (February 21st) and Portalegre (March 7th). These first two workshops were dedicated to the topics “City as a platform” and “Resilience”, respectively.

  # TOMI WORLD renews its distinction as PME Excellence

José Agostinho, CEO of TOMI WORLD highlights the renewal of this recognition as the confirmation of the success of the company and its team.

– “We continue to be a reference among Portuguese PMEs. This is the result of a qualified and dedicated team. TOMI WORLD continues to develop a worldwide expansion strategy and to be recognized in Portugal and around the world. We work for TOMI to remain at the forefront of the global technology area in an inclusive and sustainable manner. ”

  # TOMI in the news 

 O Globo, Brazil newspaper 
TOMI WORLD CEO was interviewed by O Globo, one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil, to explain how TOMI helps to transform Rio de Janeiro into a smarter city.   + See more 
 Rádio Comercial, Portuguese radio  
‘Rádio Comercial’ the portuguese radio with the highest level of audience, did a video about the city of Matosinhos and the radio presenters sang about how TOMI helps to guide people. 
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 Marcas & Mercados – Brazilian newspaper 
The specialized magazine ‘Marcas & Mercados’ in Brazil highlighted TOMI’s role in taking DOOH media to the next level with interactivity and engaging experiences.
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TOMI was Carnival’s best friend!
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Total Interactions in February

 # TOMI is the right choice for brands to communicate!

From car brands to city marketing campaigns, TOMI was the choice to communicate with the target audience.

  # International Women’s Day – TOMI campaign 


TOMI wished a happy International Women’s Day with animated customised frames and dynamic videos during all day.

  # Special frames for special days! 

 Rio de Janeiro’s anniversary 
 1st March  

 International Women’s Day
  8th March 

 Father’s Day 
 19th March  

  # Get to know TOMI through our users’ eyes 

“This is our “friend” Tomi! These interactive gadgets are multiplied a little by many cities in the country and allow to those who pass by them to take photos and make gif’s or even know the cultural agenda of that city. Tomi has revolutionized the way we travel in Portugal.” – @raising.routes

  TOMI at Guimarães 

Photo shared by @raising.routes in Instagram


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