TOMI Algarve NOW: TOMI promotes smart cities in the Algarve



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TOMI promotes smart cities in the Algarve

  # Smart Cities Tour 2018 at Albufeira  
Albufeira was the first city to host the Smart Cities national tour. Under the theme “City as a Platform”, the session addressed areas such as integrated management, internet of things, open data, digital transformation, public security, sustainable territorial planning and urban systems management.
TOMI was there showing how its technology improves the quality of life for the community, contributing to develop smarter cities.

TOMI is travelling around on the Smart Cities Tour 2018 and has already been in Albufeira (February 21st) and Portalegre (March 7th). These first two workshops were dedicated to the “City as a platform” and “Resilience” themes, respectively.

  # TOMI WORLD renews its distinction as PME Excellence

José Agostinho, CEO of TOMI WORLD highlights the renewal of this recognition as the confirmation of the success of the company and the team.

– “We continue to be a reference among Portuguese PMEs. This is the result of a qualified and dedicated team. TOMI WORLD continues to develop a worldwide expansion strategy and to be recognized in Portugal and around the world. We work for TOMI to remain at the forefront of the global technology area in an inclusive and sustainable manner. ”

  # TOMI in the news 

 O Globo, Brazil newspaper 
TOMI WORLD CEO was interviewed by O Globo, one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil, to explain how TOMI helps to transform Rio de Janeiro into a smart city.   + See more 

 Rádio Comercial, Portuguese radio 
‘Rádio Comercial’ did a video about the city of Matosinhos and the team sang about how TOMI helps to guide people. 
  + See more 

 Marcas & Mercados – Brazilian newspaper 
The newspaper ‘Marcas & Mercados’ in Brazil highlighted TOMI’s role in taking DOOH media to next level with interactivity and engaging experiences.   + See more 

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Even more fun during the Carnival with TOMI

  # International Women’s Day – TOMI campaign 


TOMI wished a happy International Women’s Day with animated customised frames and dynamic videos during all day.

  # The TOMI in Quarteira got instant attention! 

The TOMI in Quarteira was installed in January 2018 and already got everyone’s attention.
In February, this TOMI was the Most Sexy and Selfie Master, registering the highest number of interactions and photos sent, respectively.