7 reasons to make TOMI your vacation buddy!

TOMI is the perfect vacation buddy, helping you to plan your holidays and making sure you enjoy to the most the city you’re visiting. Read these 7 reasons why TOMI is perfect to help you during your vacation time.

1. Get to know the best local attractions

TOMI is present in major tourist destinations from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon or the Algarve! With TOMI you can search for the best local tourist attractions with curated information: photos, its history and the best routes to visit it. Never get lost again looking for that must-see touristic spot.

2. Find places to eat

No more wandering around. Whether you’re looking for tasting the local cuisine or just a bar to enjoy a drink on your holidays, TOMI has the answer.

3. Search the best events nearby

The white night in the Algarve is a great success. The best Lisbon night is the Santo Antonio festival. When visiting Rio de Janeiro, the Reveillon is unforgettable. If you’re looking for fun around the city you should experience the local events and TOMI shows you all of them.

4. Read the news to get to know the city

There isn’t a better way to get informed. Reading the local news is a great way to get to know the city you’re visiting and engaging with its happenings.

5. Find transportation to your destination

In the Transports module, you can find the routes and different means of transportation to get to your destination.

6. Search for stores to buy the ideal souvenir

Souvenir hunting doesn’t have to be a major task. TOMI shows you stores around to purchase the ideal souvenir that won’t be thrown away.

7. Take the perfect vacation selfie

Last but not least, TOMI lets you take the greatest remembrance by giving you the opportunity to take a great selfie with your vacations’ city in the background.