TOMI For All: TOMI adapts services for people with disabilities

It’s called TOMI For All and it ensures that everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive condition, can look for information and smart services on the platform.

TOMI continues to play an active role in promoting more inclusive cities and it has recently launched TOMI For All, which adapts the services available on the platform for people with disabilities.

From a user experience design perspective, TOMI has developed a more autonomous experience for its users by ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive condition, can actively search for smart information and for smart services on TOMI.

For José Agostinho, the TOMI WORLD’s CEO, “TOMI For All is a project that promotes the inclusion and autonomy of citizens, allowing everyone to search for information and to have access to services on TOMI, in an adapted way and according to their needs. TOMI is promoting more accessible and inclusive cities in the context of tourism and citizenship.”

The new evolutions of the platform include an accessibility mode for citizens with reduced mobility, short stature, and children.

To empower the experience of blind people or with reduced vision, it was developed an innovative navigation mode that can be used autonomously by touching the screen and hearing the content.

For the hearing impaired people, we developed interactive sign language videos that explain how to use TOMI.

Content items such as news and events are optimized to be easier for everyone to understand, regardless of their cognitive abilities.

This evolution is part of TOMI ‘s objective of making cities smarter and accessible.