TOMI Arrives to Montevideo!

TOMI arrived in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, elevating the city to smart cities, being integrated into the Smart Cities Station project in Montevideo.

In the first phase, the Smart City Station was inaugurated, where TOMI is inserted, at “Plaza Kibon”. Soon it is expected the inauguration in the square in front of the Montevideo Intendency building.

José Agostinho CEO of TOMI WORLD considers that TOMI is a great contribution to push Montevideo as a smart city:

“Montevideo is already characterized by being one of the Latin American cities with a better quality of life and by having an open data policy, a key element for the development of smart cities. TOMI offers Montevideo the opportunity to go even further in the universe of smart cites, providing all the information and smart services on the streets. With this device, any resident and tourist can find the information they need about the city. ”

The official inauguration of TOMI was on September 16 with the presence of Mr. Christian Di Candia – Intendente de Montevideo, Maria Madalena – The Secretary of the Portugal Embassy, Mr. Eduardo Panasco – President of the Chamber of Commerce Uruguayo Portuguesa, Mr. Juan José Prada – Department of Sustainable and Intelligent Development of Montevideo.

Guided by the proximity criteria, TOMI provides useful information on current events about the country and the city, allows you to consult the cultural agenda, find multiple points of interest, search for different transport options, and even take a photo or GIF, with the different frames that are in the device. The information is available in TOMI of Montevideo in Spanish (the official language of the country) and in English, allowing both residents and tourists to have access to the potential of TOMI. TOMI will continue its expansion in this region in the medium term.

TOMI incorporates the project that aims to transform Montevideo into a smart city, connecting with its citizens. TOMI helps to improve the quality of life for residents and tourists, providing information and smart services at the right time, in the right place. TOMI is the representation of the answer to the needs of providing useful and personalized urban information to visitors and residents in the capital of Montevideo.
In response to the pandemic, TOMI implemented several functions such as TOMI My Business, Remote Control, activating alerts for pedestrians remaining at home, and disseminating Coronavirus prevention measures.

TOMI has been awarded over the years, in the most varied categories, having recently received the “Best Interactive Urban Tourism Solution” by LUXLife, belonging to the AI ​​Global Media group (United Kingdom). All the awards can be seen here.

About TOMI:

TOMI is an interactive information and urban communication solution that provides information in the right place at the right time. TOMI’s goal is to bring cities closer to people who live, work, or simply visit them. It is a user-friendly innovation that promotes activities and points of interest such as tourism, culture, local commerce, public services, among others.