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The stop sticks flattened the car’s front tire

Goodell’s comments were his first on the subject since the NFL announced Rice’s discipline July 24. In addition to being suspended for two games, Rice was fined $529,000. However, the punishment was widely criticized as too lenient given the allegations that the 27 year old running back faced and the length of other suspensions Goodell has given for drugs and other off the field issues..

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fake ray bans A woman who drove more than 5 miles against oncoming traffic on Valley freeway, passing a Department of Public Safety officer along the way, was eventually stopped and arrested early Thursday morning before anyone was hurt, officials said. After a dramatic intervention by DPS in which officers diverted traffic and deployed stop sticks to flatten a tire on the vehicle.A DPS officer who was driving west on the Santan portion of Loop 202 noticed the vehicle coming straight at him in the wrong direction, DPS spokesman Raul Garcia said.The officer alerted a colleague in a DPS vehicle behind him and instructed the officer to deploy stop sticks, Garcia said. The officers meanwhile stopped all westbound traffic to prevent motorists from colliding with the car, Garcia said.The stop sticks flattened the car’s front tire, and the vehicle stopped just before it would have struck the officer’s car, Garcia said.Wrong way drivers have garnered increased attention after a wrong way crash killed Mesa police Officer Brandon Mendoza on May 12.The driver who hit Mendoza, Raul Silva Corona, was also killed in the wreck fake ray bans.


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