TOMI WORLD Report June 2019



This was a month of celebration for TOMI: from international recognition to local engagement! We celebrated one year anniversary in Santiago de Chile and we registered high number of interactions across all networks! We engaged with our users during local festivities such as Popular Saints in Portugal or Festas Juninas in Brazil.

The Search module continues to be on top. In June we also created special content to engage with our users locally: some of our networks had a “Popular Saints” category in the Agenda, where our users could find every festivity taking place in the city!

International recognition in June
TOMI was shortlisted for two important international awards: the Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards (London) in the Diversity and Inclusion Champion category and the 2019 Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards (UK) in the “Project Excellence” section.

June is the month of the Popular Saints in Portugal with parties and festivals all over the country. In Brazil, the tradition is also present with the Festas Juninas. These commemorative dates registered high number of interactions across TOMI’s networks.

Having different traditions in Portugal and Brazil, these networks had special animated frames to create more engagement with the users. Cumulatively, these two frames registered over 20 thousand photos and GIFs taken. What a great way to celebrate local festivities!
TOMI is the best way to communicate and to reach the audience and interact in a creative way. We also did a special campaign: TOMI broadcast live the final of the Champions League in all the devices of Rio de Janeiro. Heineken used the innovative equipment to make a brand activation. 

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