(English) TOMI Santiago de Chile Report: The first two weeks

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#TOMIWORLD #SantiagodeChile
The first two weeks at Santiago de Chile: see the amazing usage metrics!

  # TOMI expansion: Santiago de Chile first two weeks  
TOMI is officially Santiago de Chile’s Best Friend and we can now share the great analytics of the first two weeks!  TOMI’s new location is right in the heart of the city.

 # TOMI Santiago de Chile Report 

TOMI Santiago de Chile  kicks off with amazing usage metrics!

TOMI Santiago de Chile’s network is already a big hit with incredible usage metrics. In just 15 days TOMI registered more than 160 thousand interactions and over 10 thousand selfies sent!

  # A spectacular reception in Santiago!  
Our TOMI Chile’s network registered incredible analytics and our users have engaged with us.

 # TOMI Santiago de Chile Wall of Fame 

Our users have shared several photos with us!

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