(English) TOMI WORLD Report November 2019

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TOMI is in Águeda aiming to reinforce the positioning of the city as smart city! Águeda is a city with a great cultural, artistic and technological dynamic, and these two TOMI feature innovative smart city services. The expansion of TOMI in Portugal continues!
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The trend continues in November: Agenda and Transports are the main modules that receive the highest number of touches.
TOMI wins Disability Matters Awards
TOMI was the winner of the ‘Disability Matters Awards’ held in London, at Cisco headquarters! After being invited to present at the opening panel of the conference, TOMI received this amazing global recognition in the accessibility area. This year’s winners are prestigious multinationals: TOMI, Disneyland Paris , J.P. Morgan, Procter & Gamble, SAP, KPMG, AIG, Network Rail, and HSBC.   
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TOMI at Smart City Expo World Congress

TOMI WORLD CEO was present in the leading international event on urban development: Smart City Expo World Congress, in Barcelona. We were also invited to be a part of Digital Future Society, an amazing programme part of the congress, that is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business that connects experts, civic organizations and entrepreneurs.

TOMI Facing Causes

TOMI gave voice to social causes with the ‘TOMI Facing Causes’ campaign. We have registered over 2400 sent photos, and about half of the people wanted to show their cause and publicly share the photo! Amazing results.

TOMI is the best way to communicate and to reach the audience and interact in a creative way. 






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