(English) TOMI WORLD Report June 2020

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TOMI Launches Interactivity by Remote Control

TOMI has launched a new way to interact with the device via remote control. You only need to scan the QR Code that is on TOMI with your smartphone. This new form of interactivity was created to respond to the “new normality” in Portugal, allowing everyone to interact safely with TOMI.

The Transports and Events module were in the spotlight in June, promoting urban mobility and culture in the city.
Covid-19: a new way to interact
The remote control system does not require to download an app, and makes it possible to access all the information and functions provided by TOMI, including browsing content and category listings, textual searches, getting directions, scrolling content, taking pictures and sending emails. For each command received by TOMI, an audio feedback is read in the language selected by the user.

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TOMI partners with COR (Rio City Hall)
TOMI has partnered with the Rio Operations Center (Centro de Operações Rio) to help inform the population in real time. COR is an innovative control center of the Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro that operates 24/7 and has more than 500 professionals responsible for monitoring and optimizing the functioning of the city on a daily basis. 

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Fewer pedestrians on the weekends

June followed the May trend and recorded significantly fewer pedestrians over the weekend.

TOMI Smart Media

TOMI is the best way to communicate and to reach the audience and interact in a creative way.  See some of our campaigns on June in our networks.

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