(English) Report TOMI WORLD Report August 2019

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August is usually a great month for TOMI since the values increase significantly,. This is the high season for travel in Europe, and there are peak crowds in several cities where TOMI is implemented. This month, TOMI registered an amazing value of 7.3 million touches!

All modules registered relevant percentages of touches, showing how users are taking advantage of all TOMI features to engage with the city.

Your vacations’ best friend ⛱️
During these summer months in Europe – June, July and August – TOMI registered over 21 million touches. TOMI is present in main touristic cities in Europe such as Lisbon or the Algarve region, making it the perfect companion to a great vacation.

On August 19th, TOMI celebrated World Photography Day on all of its networks. This fun feature is perfect for recording the best memories with the city as a background. It is a great city marketing tool.

35 thousand photos sent with a summer frame
On August we had a new summer photo frame. These two special frames registered over 35 thousand photos. Amazing numbers!

TOMI is the best way to communicate and to reach the audience and interact in a creative way. 

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