(English) TOMI WORLD Report Annual 2019

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2019: new locations and global awards
2019 was a year of success and achievement for TOMI: we continued to expand and arrived at amazing new locations such as Águeda, Évora, Mértola, Gare do Oriente (Lisbon) and many others.
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2019 was a year where the Agenda stood out, registering a high number of touches, followed by the Transport and Search modules.
TOMI’s Global Awards in 2019
• Winner of ‘Disability Matters Awards’ – London, Feltham, UK
• Future Digital Awards: Winner of ‘Best Citizen Engagement Solution’
• European Product Design Awards – Gold in Design for Society – Budapest, Hungary
• Travolution Awards – Best Tech Innovation finalist – London, UK
• Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards Shortlist – London, UK
• Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards – Inclusion finalist – London, UK
• Start & Go – Innovation recognition – Porto, Portugal
• Pantou Listed Supplier by ENAT
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Our top 4 groundbreaking updates
Throughout the year, TOMI released several groundbreaking updates. We highlight the most important:
  TOMI For All   accessibility and inclusion project
  TOMI Press  : newspaper covers on TOMI
  TOMI Suggests   automatic event promotion through videos
  TOMI Editing   collaboration and co-creation of content with cultural entities
TOMI engages during European Summer

TOMI registered a peak of touches during the summer months in Europe (June, July and August). We also create special summer frames to create engagement with tourists during their vacations.

TOMI is the best way to communicate and to reach the audience and interact in a creative way. 

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