TOMI WORLD NOW: TOMI expands in Rio


TOMI expands in Rio

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TOMI has a new location in Rio de Janeiro! We settled in a new place in Barra da Tijuca, close to the Shopping Downton. We are always expanding in Rio, to bring more information to visitors and residents.

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TOMI at Smart Open Lisboa

TOMI is an associated partner in the SOL 3.0. The 1st phase focused on integrating innovative solutions to upgrade mobility. TOMI will be cooperating with startups to make Lisbon smarter.   + Read more

2 months in Santiago de Chile! 

TOMI arrived at Santiago de Chile two months ago and we are already Santiago’s Best Friend! Thank you for the warm welcome, Santiago.

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Public services in TOMI Portugal

You can take your tickets for public services on TOMI. No more waiting in queue lines!

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TOMI registered more than 3 million interactions!

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July showed a great growth, showing how the community in the different cities is engaged with TOMI.   + See the full report

Great brands communicate with TOMI  

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TOMI is the right choice to communicate in the streets, showing the difference and creating more dynamism.

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