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TOMI has been busy! In just one month, TOMI participated in the Mobile World Congress, expanded it’s network to new locations, launched a new feature, and celebrated both the Carnival and the Internacional Women’s Day.


 # Mobile World Congress 
TOMI went to the Mobile World Congress, on a partnership with Vodafone IoT to promote Smart Cities solutions in Barcelona, from 27th February to 2nd March. Both companies believe that the future is made of smarter cities and smarter citizens. This partnership aims to implement solutions that bring people closer to the cities.


 # Vilamoura, Portugal

The city of Vilamoura is the newest location of TOMI’s network at the Algarve.Two TOMIs were installed at the Marina of Vilamoura in the south of Portugal, one of the most touristic cities in the region.

 # Airport Santos Dumont, Brazil

TOMI’s network in Rio de Janeiro has expanded to another important location: the Santos Dumont airport, one of the busiest airports in Brazil. Whoever lands in the city can now easily plan the whole visit right from the airport.



 #New Feature: TOMI GIF 
At the end of February we introduced a new feature: the TOMI GIF. You can now choose between the popular selfie, or the creation of an animated GIF. Let your imagination run free and just have fun!

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Interactions in the 4 core modules +840 Thousand


 # “PME Excelência” recognition

TOMI WORLD was distinguished for its excellence! The “PME Excelência” status is given by IAPMEI and the Turismo de Portugal, to the outstanding SME companies that match a very demanding list of criteria.


 # Carnival

TOMI is the best friend with several cities across the world where Carnival is celebrated. In those cities, TOMI was customised with Carnival photo frames. People loved the idea so much that they shared more than 9700 selfies and GIFs with those specific frames during the Carnival days!

 # IWD2017

TOMI celebrated the International Women’s Day at the cities where it is installed. During the 8th of March, TOMI invited its users to take a selfie or to make a GIF showing their support to the women all over the world, and so they did: + 960 photos and animated GIFs were shared during that day with the customised frames about the #IWD2017!


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