TOMI Rio NOW: TOMI is Rio’s greatest host!


TOMI is Rio’s greatest host!

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Rio de Janeiro deserves the best host to welcome its tourists – especially during the sunny days. That is why TOMI is now welcoming everyone and teaching three local expressions to give people an even more interactive experience. TOMI says hi!

Learn local expressions with TOMI!   #TOMIhello  

When users select a foreign language, TOMI welcomes them to the city and teaches three expressions in Portuguese through the text-to-speech functionality. TOMI wants to increase engagement between visitors and locals by providing them with useful interactive experiences on the street.

TOMI recognized as a top innovator in Norway! 

TOMI received another great international recognition, this time in Norway! The company was invited to display as a smart city innovator in the Evolve Arena 2018.


Sunny days in Rio!

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October came and went with sunny days, allowing people to enjoy the weather outside and stroll around the city. 
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TOMI’s interactive campaigns 

TOMI is promoting interactive campaigns that activate when you touch the videos. Have you tried it yet?

TOMI’s Halloween campaign 

From spooky to cute animated frames and dynamic videos, TOMI wished everyone a great Halloween!

Celebrating Children’s Day with TOMI

On Children’s Day, TOMI offered a customised frame to capture special moments.

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