TOMI Rio NOW: TOMI makes Rio’s Carnival more fun!




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TOMI makes Rio’s Carnival more fun!


Carnaval no Rio de Janeiro

  # The Carnival 

Rio Carnival attracts visitors from all corners of the globe and TOMI helped them to celebrate, showing all the events related, providing customised animated frames and spreading good wishes with some videos all across Rio de Janeiro!

TOMI got the celebration started early: we won two worldwide smart cities awards!

  # Smart 50 awards by Smart Cities Connect 
Kansas City, USA

TOMI was recognized with the worldwide Smart 50 Awards! This award was given by one of the greatest North-American smart cities associations, Smart Cities Connect, honouring TOMI in making Rio de Janeiro a smarter city! The award gala will be held on March 26 in Kansas City USA.

  # Smart Cities UK Awards 
London, UK

TOMI won the Smart Cities UK Awards, in the connectivity category. TOMI’s impact on improving digital engagement for citizens and users was acknowledged as the 2018’s key innovative project that can change communities across the UK.

Thanks for your support!

 # Get busy with TOMI 
You’ve probably already forgotten about your New Year’s resolutions. So get busy and join the gym, eat better, get out more. Find the best things happening in the city in the Agenda module, the best places to eat or hang out in the Search module and share them with your friends by e-mail or social media. TOMI is there for you!

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The Carnival’s atmosphere started to show in Rio, with people searching on TOMI’s agenda and making plans to get the party started.

TOMI is the right choice for brands to communicate!

From government campaigns to TV channels, TOMI is always the right choice to communicate with your target audience.

Commemorative frames for special days

 Carnival   Feb 13rd  

TOMI got the party started in the Carnival with animated frames! 

 International Thank-You Day 
 Jan  11th  
TOMI thanked all of its users and our 6,000 followers on Instagram with this fun frame on International Thank You Day!

 International Laughter Day 
 Jan 18th  
Life is better when you’re laughing so TOMI created this great frame to celebrate this special day.

Summer in Brazil 
 21st Dec – 19 March  
TOMI is celebrating the Summer season with a customised animated frame to make your GIFs feel like you’re on the beach.


* In order to preserve the privacy of TOMI users, the photos taken in our equipment are not saved. The photos in this newsletter were shared by our users on social media.