TOMI Rio NOW: TOMI continues its expansion in Rio


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TOMI continues its expansion in Rio: start your TOMI TOUR!

 #TOMI arrives at two new neighbourhoods!

TOMI’s network in Rio de Janeiro has now 24 TOMIs to help the Cariocas and the tourists to enjoy every corner of Rio. TOMI arrived at two new neighbourhoods with 5 new TOMIs: Recreio dos Bandeirantes and Barra da Tijuca.


TOMI arrives at Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

 #Barra da Tijuca  
// 2 New locations

From the natural wonders to the bustling nightlife, Barra offers options for everyone and features two new TOMIs to help locals and tourists to take advantage of all the must-see attractions in the neighbourhood! Barra has the ideal beaches to surf, windsurf, bodyboard, and so much more.

 #Recreio dos Bandeirantes  
// 3 New locations

TOMI settled in this beautiful neighbourhood that is known for having one of the best beaches in the city. Recreio has now 3 TOMI!


Rio de Janeiro TOMI TOUR

 # The TOMI TOUR at Rio starts!  
TOMI has seven special photo frames to collect. Each neighbourhood has a frame with local icons: for example, the “Calçadão” in Copacabana, the hang gliding in São Conrado, the footvolley in Barra da Tijuca, among others. The idea is to further enhance the user engagement and to offer a reminder of each visited place with a postcard.
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 #Updates: Animated Frames 
TOMI offers now the possibility to have animated frames and to create even more engaging GIFs!

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In October, TOMI helped to enjoy the day off and some important commemorative dates such as Children’s Day and Halloween! TOMI is always up-to-date and adapting to offer the best experiences for its users.


 # Halloween Campaign 
On October 31st, TOMI celebrated the Halloween with an interactive video: a spooky Power Ad!
This video drived people to the photo module so that they could enjoy the customised frames, including the newly update: animated frames.
GIF @mr.santiago.jr *

 # TOMI is the right choice for brands to communicate 
TOMI is versatile and helps to promote cultural campaigns and cultural brands.

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#Commemorative Days

// 6th November – National Laughter Day
// 13th November – World Kindness Day Photo

// 17th November – World Creativity Day
// 21st November – World Hello Day


* In order to preserve the privacy of TOMI users, the photos taken in our equipment are not saved. The photos in this newsletter were shared by our users on social media.