TOMI Rio NOW: Christmas comes early for TOMI!


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Christmas comes early for TOMI!

 #TOMI got two early Christmas presents! 

TOMI is becoming more and more a friend of the city of Rio de Janeiro! Christmas arrived early and brought two great gifts: two more TOMIs were installed in Barra da Tijuca! Get to know this captivating neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro with TOMI’s help.
In the last quarter, we installed 10 new TOMIs in Rio de Janeiro and the network counts now with 26 TOMIs. And the expansion will continue in 2018!


 #Merry Christmas everyone! 

Spending Christmas in Rio de Janeiro city usually means large family reunions at the beach, surfing with a Santa hat and make the most of the festive sunny days.
TOMI wishes you a Merry Christmas!

#Looking for the best shops to buy the gift for Secret Santa? 
Secret Santa (or ‘Amigo Secreto‘ in Portuguese) is extremely popular in Rio amongst families and friends. TOMI shows you the best places to shop Christmas gifts in Rio de Janeiro.

 # Last-Minute present? 
Maybe you forgot to buy a present, maybe your Christmas budget is already gone, or maybe you’re trying to be less materialistic and focusing on what really matters during Christmas. Whatever the situation may be, TOMI has the perfect last-minute gift: send a photo with a special frame to your friends or family.

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November brought a warmer temperature that is typical from Rio de Janeiro’s summer – which means: more fun with TOMI!

 #Summer is starting in Rio! 
Summer holidays in Rio de Janeiro are a tropical dream of paradise. So if you’re thinking about taking a vacation in Rio, this is definitely the perfect time. Immerse yourself in the Carioca lifestyle: find the best activities to do in Rio with TOMI!  

 # TOMI is the right choice for brands to communicate during the Holiday Season! 
The holiday season is perfect to communicate and engage with Rio de Janeiro.

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#Special frames for special days!

 # Already thinking about New Year?  
Christmas is great but New Year is too, especially in Rio de Janeiro! If you’re already planning ahead, TOMI can help you to find the best parties and events on that special night, to celebrate the new year in Rio.
During this time of the year, Copacabana Beach is famous for the amazing celebrations and fireworks.


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